Maie Vridolin is a professional gardener who is willingly sharing her gardening experience with everyone who has an interest in gardening. Maie’s colourful floral show garden in the centre of Paikuse, 10km from the seaside town of Pärnu in Estonia, is a source of inspiration and ideas for all gardening enthusiasts.

“My floral garden and gardening in general are the biggest passions of my life, to which I dedicate all my spare time.

In the 1300 m2 garden there is a peat based shade garden, designed around the garden’s first inhabitant – mountain pine (Pinus mugo) – using rhododendrons, heathers, ferns, ornamental grasses and other plants. Throughout the garden, there are colourful perennial beds with different shrubs and small evergreens as a backdrop. Near the garden pond, there is a bed for moisture loving plants and on the sunny south side of the house, there’s a rock-garden. In this garden of a wide variety of flowering perennials, evergreens, shrubs (including shrubs with edible fruits), climbers as well as bulbs have found their place in the composition.

Gardening can never get boring when the initial garden plans are constantly revised in the light of new and exciting arrivals from yearly garden visits to various gardens in Europe and in Estonia, and watching them grow.

I always try to create optimal growing conditions for all the new plants in my garden, in spite of our sandy dry soil. With the right care (fertilising, pruning etc.) the trees and shrubs look beautiful and healthy, and in the case of fruit trees and bushes, give a bigger crop.

While designing my garden, I was able to take advantage of the neighbouring gardens and the surrounding nature, so that there is some “borrowed scenery” in my garden. I have tried to create rhythm and movement by using plant groups with similar flower or leaf colour. I’ve used the golden section approach where possible, as I feel it brings peace and balance into the design. The flower beds with harmonious colour schemes, where I’ve considered the flowers’ colour and flowering time as well as the tone and structure of the foliage, can be admired for their colours from early spring until the first bigger frosts.

Who is interested and wants to find out more about my garden, the plants and their maintenance, can contact me: maie.vridolin@hotmail.com, or  in Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MaieAed
With a large number of plant species and varieties, my garden is a wonderful place for anyone new to gardening to learn about different plants and their requirements.

NB! Prior permission is required for the use of the copyright protected images of this site.

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